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Grief First Aid Update 2021

​We are currently hosting 'light' versions of Grief First Aid across school in Somerset via Zoom which are approximately 30 minutes in length. If your school is interested please let us know at

“Thank you so much for the training this afternoon it was brilliant and so many positive comments from staff, the best response I have had to virtual training in the past year”

“You had such a wonderful impact”

“Thank you for arranging the very informative session with Leif, I feel much more confident now to approach children who may need a little extra support”

“Yesterday evening, a number of our teachers and staff attended a really fascinating and informative training session by a representative of Josephine's Star, a Somerset charity who offer support to children and their families in Somerset when someone special has died”

“Many thanks to Leif, founder of the charity, who led the session - you are truly inspiring!”

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