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Supporting Children

Our support begins with our free Little Bags of Help sent directly to families in need. Each bag contains fun and easy-to-use resources and activities to help children, parents and carers with their grief.


We hope that by working through the different activities, children can explore their thoughts, feelings and emotions with a parent, carer or support volunteer, allowing them a way to express how they feel as well as build their confidence and resilience. All kits come with a welcome and instruction sheet.

Support for Children and Young People

We offer children a series of 1 hour one-to-one sessions, where they can explore their grief in a safe space and learn to develop individual coping strategies. Our trained volunteers provide a relaxed, fun environment to help children understand their loss and the emotions that surround it.  Each session is tailored to the individual child and uses a mixture of talking, listening and creative activities to encourage children to express their grief, explore their memories and talk about their loved one. Our work is best described as listening service, please be aware this is not counselling.

Grief First Aid - Support for Schools and Professionals

Grief First Aid, is a short intervention designed to help schools and other professionals understand the impacts of grief on a child. This 2 hour course offers an insight into theories of grief and practical guidance as to how to help children and young people who are experiencing grief. Designed as a practical introduction to bereavement and how best to support young people, we include suggested approaches, resources and next steps.

This training is free with a suggested donation. If your school or organisation would like a Grief First Aid session please complete the contact form below. 

“Thank you so much for the training this afternoon it was brilliant and so many positive comments from staff, the best response I have had to virtual training in the past year”


“You had such a wonderful impact”


“Thank you for arranging the very informative session with Leif, I feel much more confident now to approach children who may need a little extra support”


“Yesterday evening, a number of our teachers and staff attended a really fascinating and informative training session by a representative of

Josephine's Star, a Somerset charity who offer support to children and their families in Somerset when someone special has died”


“Many thanks to Leif, founder of the charity, who led the session - you are truly inspiring!”

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