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Children's Grief Awareness Week

At least 10,000 children have been bereaved of a primary caregiver across the UK due to the pandemic according to research published in the Lancet in July 2021. And over 50,000 children have had a parent, guardian or carer die from other causes over the last 20 months .

As childhood bereavement support services across the country mark Children’s Grief Awareness Week (18-25 November), charities are asking the public to listen to bereaved children and young people and understand how important it is to them to receive support when they are grieving. Their words have been captured in a series of word clouds, with an overwhelming message of support, community and acceptance.

At Josephine's Star we provide children with the opportunity to be supported with a trained volunteer to talk about and to help understand their bereavement through talk and play and with the help of our Little Bags of Help.

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