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Virgin Money Donations

Thank you ever so much to the donations we have received via our Virgin Money Giving page since our BBC Spotlight appearance!

Past & future donations received go towards the following for children & young people in Somerset;

Grief First Aid bags (Little bags of help; full of fun activities to help parent/carers support their grieving children and young people) £25

Resource box for our Support Volunteers (Books and activities to aid volunteers in supporting grieving children and young people) £20

Name a star (All children and young people get to name a star in memory of the person that has died) £15

Story Stones for the little bags of help (A brilliant resource which aids children and young people to be able to create stories that help them talk about the special person they are grieving for) £10

Additional items for the Grief First Aid bags (These include memory jars, worry dolls, letter scrolls and pens etc.) £5

Virgin Money Giving | Josephine's Star


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